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Go With the Spirit...the Spirit of '76!

We at LOSGATOS 76 are using the gas station chain of 76 one of the major oil companies of CALIFORNIA. 76 is a chain of gas stations located within the United States. The 76 brand is owned by Phillips 66 Company. Union Oil first introduced “76″ gasoline in 1932. The name referred to the 1776 United States Declaration of Independence, and was also the octane rating of the gasoline in 1932.

Union Oil Company of California, dba Unocal, the original owner and creator of the Union 76 brand merged with Chevron Corporation in 2005. 76, Conoco, and Phillips 66 market their brand of gasoline under the brand name PROclean. The previous brand name for their gasoline was Propower. In the 1970s and 1980s, the company used the slogan “Go With the Spirit…the Spirit of ’76.” This has been shortened to “Get the Spirit”.


Smog Check

We are a Star certified Smog check station that meet higher performance standards established by the Bureau of Automative Repairs.



Lube Shop

This isn’t just an oil change; it's preventive maintenance to help keep your vehicle running right. Help fuel efficiency and acceleration while reducing emissions with an air filter inspection and new clean air filter replacement if needed.



Snack Shop

The snack shop is well-stocked with a variety of hot and cold beverages and light snacks. If you are working in LosGatos and you need a quick bit to eat before work or for lunch make sure to stop by LosGatos 76.



Our Service

No business is perfect, but we are working hard 24x7 to help keep our customers smiling and having good faith in our services. Of which one can review us or read our reviews on yelp.










Need to print this coupon and bring along with when you Walk-into our Gas Station! We are a STAR Certified smog check station. we certify all smog checks for all vehicles including Diesel vehicles etc... And NO EXTRA charge for Trucks, Vans and SUVs. "WOW"!!. PASS or FREE retest for ALL vehicles!

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666 N Santa Cruz Ave
LosGatos CA

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  • fax-(408)354-3335
  • Email:ID:-losgatos76@gmail.com